MirandaTe just moved to Portland, Oregon,* and feels the world is full of friends she hasn’t met yet, jobs and projects she hasn’t started yet, and precious self-descriptions in the third person that she just hasn’t written yet.

MirandaTe seeks to find friends, collaborators and job creators for the following, in which she specializes:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Audio transcription
  • Research
  • Teaching (ESL and other subjects)
  • Repartee of varying degrees of wit
  • Self-deprecation

MirandaTe’s business self is here. The astute observer will note that the domain should probably change; the whimsical one would agree that it’s perfectly fine as it is.

* via: 47403, 11217, 11238, 07866, Kreuzberg (Berlin), Prenzlauerberg (Berlin), Kreuzberg (Berlin), Forst (Lausitz), 34243, 07866, 23111. The best zip codes are palindromes or prime numbers.


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