New blog posts up

1) Geek Buffet: My review of Girlchild. As part of the project to “revitalize” Geek Buffet, I reviewed my favorite recent novel. Check it out!

2) The Fluffington Post; various. Everyone loves cute animal pictures!

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As a site, is…

…a way to keep everything I do centralized.

…some form of benevolent domain squatting.

…a way to make me hate the idea of personal branding less.


As a word, MirandaTe (capitalizations vary) is…

…a portmanteau of my first and last names.

…a referent for many of my online identities.

…a terrible reference to a particularly egregious George Bush quote, spun to make me feel as though I, personally, have a mandate from God to serve the American and all other people and should spend all my capital.

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